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2018 Girls' Junior National Team Finishes

16 Storm finishes with only 3 losses (all in 3 sets) in the American division and ended their season in the Silver. 

15 National finishes 13th in the National division, which puts them at top 50 in the National overall for all 15s divisions. 

13 National picks up some wins to finish in Flight 1 of the USA division in their first run at a National title. 

History Made AGAIN!

In our 4th year in existence, we have qualified FOUR teams for the HOA Powerleague tournament! This is the most in club history, AND we qualified our 12 National team, which is the youngest team we have ever qualified! Currently, we have a record number of teams ranked in the top 15 AND top 10 in the region! This is the best overall showing for a club in the Springfield area. 


In our THIRD season of existence, THR33 VBA sent 3 teams to the Girls' Junior National Championship! 2018's National tournament was held in Detroit at the end of June through early July. 

Our 16 National Storm team earned their bid by winning their Regional tournament. They will head to Detroit with an American level bid! 

Our 15 National team has TRIPLE Qualified, the most earned bids in club history. They earned an American bid by placing 2nd at Regionals before heading to the Northern Lights Qualifier and placing high enough to earn a USA bid before finally receiving a National bid through placing high enough in the Power League tournament. They are headed to Detroit to play in the National division. 

Our 13 National team has DOUBLE Qualified. They originally earned their bid to Nationals by winning Regionals and accepting an American bid. They recently upgraded their American to a USA level bid by WINNING the Northern Lights Qualifier. 

THR33 Hardware from the 2018-2019 Season

  • 16 American takes 1st in GOLD!
  • 12 Metro takes 2nd!
  • 15 American takes 1st in GOLD!
  • 10s take 1st!
  • 11s take 2nd in GOLD!
  • 10s take 2nd!
  • 12 Metro takes 2nd!
  • 14 National takes 3rd in 15s at Sunflower Slam
  • 14 American takes 2nd in KC
  • THR33 vs THR33 Championship 15N vs 16Combo
  • 16 National takes 1st in 17s at Tulsa
  • 14 National takes 1st in 15s at Tulsa
  • THR33 vs THR33 Championship! 15N & 15A

We are in our 4th year as a volleyball program in Southwest Missouri! We offer lessons, camps, clinics and club teams. THR33 trains athletes ages 6+ from the Branson, Nixa, Ozark, and Springfield areas. Although we have only been in existence for less than 5 years, we have already earned our first Gold Ball with the 2017-2018 13 National team winning the Northern Lights National Qualifer, our teams have earned a total of 8 bids to the National tournament, sent teams to Orlando for AAU Nationals, and we have the strongest emphasis on our youth development in the area. 

Continue to check back for volleyball opportunities! For more information please email us at:

THR33 VBA's "Hardware" of 2017-2018 Season!

Check out our club's success for the current season!

  • THR33 13 National Takes 1st in 14s at ORU
  • THR33 15 National Takes 1st in 16s at ORU
  • THR33 The Storm 16 Takes 2nd in 17s at ORU
  • THR33 14 National Takes 2nd in 15s
  • THR33 14 American takes 1st in 14s
  • THR33 17 National takes 2nd in 18s
  • THR33 12 National takes 2nd in 12s
  • THR33 15 National takes 3rd in 16s
  • THR33 Storm 16 National Qualifies for Power League
  • 11 Black takes 1st in Silver
  • 14 National takes 1st in Bronze at MLK
  • 18 National takes 1st in Flight 2 at MLK
  • 13 American takes 1st in Bronze at MLK
  • 14 Metro Black takes 1st in Gold
  • 15 American takes 1st in Silver at Midwest Open
  • 11 Black takes 1st in Gold at February Frenzy
  • 11 Black takes 1st in Gold, 11 Blue takes 2nd
  • 10 Blue takes 1st in Gold at February Frenzy
  • 13 American takes 1st in Gold at February Frenzy
  • 18 National takes 3rd in Gold at Midwest Open
  • 10 Black takes 1st in Silver
  • 10 Blue takes 1st in Gold
  • 14 National takes 1st!
  • 12 Black takes 2nd in Gold
  • 11 Blue withthe win!
  • 18 National takes 1st in the Endicott
  • 11s with the win!
  • 15 National takes 1st in 17s at Natalie Jones
  • 16 National takes 2nd at Natalie Jones
  • 14 National at Gold Heart
  • 16 National Storm Wins Regionals
  • 16 National takes 2nd in Silver
  • 15 National takes 1st in Silver at MEQ
  • 11 Black for the win!
  • 10 Blue vs 10 Black Championship!
  • 13 National wins Regionals!
  • 12 Black takes 2nd in Silver
  • 14 Metro Black takes 1st in Gold!
  • 13 National wins Regionals
  • 15 National takes 2nd at Regionals

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Wednesday M.A.S.T.

Gym Addresses

M.A.S.T. - Missouri Advantage Sports Training 3050 N. 20th St Ozark, MO 65721

MATHEWS - Helen Mathews Elementary 605 S Gregg Rd, Nixa, MO 65714

INMAN - Inman Intermediate School 1300 N Nicholas Rd, Nixa, MO 65714

SUMMIT - Summit Intermediate School 890 N Cheyenne Rd, Nixa, MO 65714

ROG UPPER - Rogersville Upper Elementary 306 S Mill St, Rogersville, MO 65742

Thank you to the Community Olympic Development Program for its awesome training of our players and coaching opportunities for our staff members that participated!



3050 N 20th St Ozark, MO 65721  
FB/IG/Twitter @thr33vba